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" A Metaphysical/ Paranormal Consulting Group"

PDPI is open to all questions and concerns that you may have about hauntings, Universal thoughts, Angels, Messengers, Dream Symbolism and all things between.
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PDPI was created to help understand the phenomenon of hauntings and unexplainable occurrences. Over the course of ten years, we have experienced everything from ghostly apparitions, shadow people, moving objects, unexplainable voices, and everything in between. Now, researching further into the unknown field of science known as the "Paranormal" we are studying and experimenting into the universe, along with vortexes, wormholes, black holes, portals, multi-verse, and parallel worlds. Researching and study of time travel, as well as quantum physics also come into play. Versed in the Metaphysical belief that all things are normal within this reality, there is a no box thinking guideline with our group. We have no box ! 
Welcome to Pa Dept of Paranormal Investigations
Here at PDPI, we understand how the loss of a loved one can be traumatic .  Barbara King is our Medium consultant who works and listens with people who are saddened and devastated by their loss.  Barb is compassionate, loving, understanding and a third generation medium and empath.  A energy  reader by nature, she is tuned into the energy signatures of the people who have made the transition to the other side. Donations are most appreciated !  

To schedule a appointment for a reading please you the contact form on this page   Hugs and Love,